Duxton’s Agri Bits and Pieces Vol. 217


The 2014 recipient of the Order of Australia Medal, Mick Keogh, is acknowledged as a public face of agricultural policy, and he said Australia’s rural industries face some key challenges in coming years.

Mr Keogh said Australia was a long way behind New Zealand in putting agriculture to the forefront of industries that needed fostering.

We’re in that interesting transition period where the glories of the mining boom have started to recede. We are realising as an economy there is a broader range of industries that need to be fostered.

New Zealand has the advantage of agriculture being a very important part of their economy and one of their major sources of export earnings.

The political classes and the economic commentators (in Australia) have probably spent a decade regarding agriculture as a basket case and it’s probably only been in the last 12 or 18 months that there’s suddenly been a reawakening of a range of agricultural issues within that class.




Comparing an unmanned aerial vehicle to a…

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Vietnam Update – Dec 2015


Vietnam’s economy showed satisfying achievements in 2015 with high GDP growth and low inflation.

Vietnam’s economy rose 7.01% in the fourth quarter of 2015, bringing full year growth to 6.68%1. This growth was the fastest pace since 2007 and comfortably above the government’s target of 6.2%1. The industry and construction sector continued to be the main driver of economy by leaping to 9.64% compared to 6.42% in 20141. Of which, the manufacturing subsector surged up 10.60% on the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflows into electronic and paper manufacture1.

Nikkei’s Purchasing Manager Index (PMI) rebounded to 51.3 in December, from 49.4 in November, driven by a rise in new orders since July, increasing new businesses and the return of employment growth. Meanwhile, the Industrial Production Index experienced a modest improvement to reach 9% YoY in December from 8.9% YoY in November, posting an expansion of 9.8% YoY in 2015, much higher than the growth of 7.6% in 20141.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 0.02% MoM in December and 0.6% YoY, marking the lowest level in…

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Vietnam Banking Industry Report


The Vietnamese banking industry comprises a diverse mix of players, ranging from relatively larger state-owned commercial banks down to tiny privately held banks. There are currently 48 banks operating in Vietnam, with collective assets of VND 6.28 trillion at the end of November 2014, although the number of banks is expected to be reduced in 2015 through consolidation.

This report maps out the scope of the sector, identifies the key players, identifies key performance indicators, and provides a background on the main issues impacting the industry today, as well as highlighting opportunities for future development.

One major issue currently is the level of bad debts in the system, resulting from an overly rapid expansion in credit growth in the years leading up to and following the accession to the WTO (33% CAGR between 2004-2011), and inadequate quality controls. Tighter restrictions on lending combined with greater transparency and tighter risk controls are gradually improving the situation.

We see opportunity for the stronger Vietnamese banks to expand their market share in this environment, as well as to drive additional growth in retail banking, card payment channels and to tap…

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