Duxton’s Agri Bits and Pieces Vol. 245


This week’s quote comes from the President of Colorado State University Tony Frank, who spoke alongside Google’s head of Cloud Platform Doug Daniels, at the Protein Producer Summit held in Colorado. This quote reaffirms the capacity for agricultural innovation to drive large scale economies along with the need for continued investment in innovation and entrepreneurship.

“There is probably no other industry that has changed more during a time period than agriculture. We now look to agriculture as an innovative driver in the state’s economy. Colorado’s agricultural industry has grown two to four times faster than the state’s overall economy over the past 20 years. The US Chamber of Commerce has ranked Colorado number two for entrepreneurship and innovation of which agriculture and innovation in the agriculture industry were key aspects.”

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Funds are flowing back into agricultural commodities for the first time since 2012 as investors look to capitalize on cheap prices, bullish demand and the threat of crop damage from an El Nino weather pattern.

Across the sector,…

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Vietnam Update – July 2015


Vietnam’s GDP growth reached a record high since 2007 thanks to the solid expansion of the manufacturing sector and the steady recovery of domestic demand.

Vietnam’s GDP rose 6.44% YoY in the second quarter of 2015, marking a record high since 2007 and bringing GDP growth in the first half of this year (1H2015) to 6.28% YoY.   The economic growth continued to be driven by an expansion of 9.09% YoY in the industry and construction sector, nearly double the pace of 1H20141. The manufacturing subsector posted a sharp increase of 9.95% YoY, higher than the growth of 7.89% YoY in the same period last year5.

Nikkei’s Purchasing Manager Index continued to signal an expansion in June but the pace eased to 52.2 from the record high of 54.8 in May, driven by an increase of output and new orders, albeit at the lowest pace in there months. The Industrial Production Index also rose 9.6% YoY in the first half of 2015, spearheaded by the solid expansion of manufacturing and rebound of mining activities5


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Duxton’s Agri Bits and Pieces Vol. 244


This week’s quote comes from ‘The State of Food Insecurity in the World’ report issued by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations. This quote reaffirms the need for sustainable intensification of agricultural production in order to improve food security on a global scale.

“Improved productivity of agricultural resources through sustainable intensification plays a key role in increasing food availability and improving food security and nutrition. At the global level, productivity and food availability have been increasing, contributing significantly to reductions in undernourishment worldwide. Higher agricultural labour productivity is generally associated with lower levels of undernourishment”

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Three of Australia’s biggest agribusiness investors believe a wave of new capital, both domestic and from overseas, is poised to flood into the sector as global demand grows for wheat, beef, lamb and other Australian commodities.

“There’s a wall of interest in investing in Australian farmland,” said Elizabeth O’Leary who heads up Macquarie Group’s agriculture funds.

“For the last seven years, Australia has missed out on the significant land appreciation that has occurred in places…

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