Duxton’s Agri Bits and Pieces – Vol. 410



This week’s quote is from Northern Territory Farmers Association President, Simon Smith, regarding the plan to double agricultural value to $600 million in the territory by 2028, with a focus on cotton.

“When we look at where the markets lie, cotton is one that’s coming up regularly as a future anchor crop. Cotton is a crop that likes humidity, water and heat, which we have plenty of”.

Source: Carmen Brown and Daniel Fitzgerald, ABC News, 18 January 2019 and Matt Brann, ABC News, 21 November 2018




Australia inks trade deals with Britain to keep goods exports flowing post-Brexit

Australia has become one of the first countries to finish signing off trade deals with Britain that will prevent non-tariff barriers and regulatory hurdles from emerging after Brexit on over $3.8 billion of two-way trade.


The Australian and British governments on Friday inked two deals that will replicate with post-Brexit Britain all of Australia’s existing trade-liberalisation arrangements with the European Union in the wine and…

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Duxton’s Agri Bits and Pieces – Vol. 409



This week’s quote highlights the flow on economic effects that can be felt through many industries internationally as Brexit disrupts the UK in 11 weeks’ time. Australia is the largest source of wine imports for Britain, with 80% of this being exported from Australia in bulk to be bottled in the UK. A quarter of this is then reexported to the EU in bottled form.

“Business are looking very seriously at their business model that currently has the UK as a hub for their bottling operations, and to see what it’s going to be like post-Brexit, and whether or not actually they may be forced to move their operations from the UK”- Simon Stannard, European and International Affairs Director






Building Connections for Aussie beef in Indonesia

FEW people would understand more clearly how intensely government policies can impact farmers, businesses and trade than Meat and Livestock Australia’s country manager for Indonesia, Dr Valeska Valeska. Her job is delivering red meat and…

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Duxton’s Agri Bits and Pieces – Vol. 408



This weeks quote is from Sabah Agriculture and Food Industries Minister Datuk Junz Wong who expressed the potential in the coconut industry. The demand for the fruit is increasing due to higher local and foreign demand for downstream coconut products.

“Cultivation of coconut palms has a very strong potential of becoming a new source of income for farmers,” Wong said in a statement issued today in conjunction with his visit to the Ulu Dusun Agriculture Research Station near here.





ARARE study shows more women in agriculture gaining qualifications

The education of women in agriculture is improving, additionally, women made up 28% of all managers, causing half the women in agriculture working as manager.

In 2016, women had more qualifications than average for the industry. More and more were studying agricultural science, animal husbandry and wool science. Between 2011 and 2016, 23 per cent more women had completed an agricultural qualification, with 27,384 qualifying.

In contrast, the rate of men getting qualifications went up only eight per cent in the same five years.

Three quarters…

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