Duxton’s Agri Bits and Pieces – Vol. 428


Quote of the week

NATIONALS Deputy Leader and Victorian Senator Bridget McKenzie has been appointed as the Minister for Agriculture in the 46th Parliament, becoming the first female to hold the portfolio in the Commonwealth’s history.

“Absolutely honoured to be appointed as Minister for Agriculture in the @ScottMorrisonMP government. Looking forward to working with such a fantastic industry and helping it grow to become a $100 billion sector #Agriculture #lovetheregions

Senator McKenzie posted on Twitter earlier this week.

Women remain underrepresented in leadership roles in the agricultural industry. The significance of having a female in agriculture’s top job can’t be overstated.

Senator McKenzie’s former roles have been in Minister for Regional Telecommunications and Rural Health.

Source: Beef Central, 27 May 2019






Aus beef emissions down 57% from 2006

The Australian beef industry now has the data to prove it is improving its care of natural resources, animals and people, through the ongoing Australian Beef Sustainability Framework process.

The second Australian Beef Sustainability Annual Update to be…

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Duxton’s Agri Bits and Pieces – Vol. 427


Quote of the week

Japan on Friday lifted longstanding restrictions on US beef in an agreement announced by USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue. The move is expected to pave the way for expanded sales to the US’s top beef export market. The new terms, which take effect immediately, allow US products from all cattle, regardless of age, to enter Japan for the first time since 2003. This expanded access could increase US beef and beef product exports to Japan by up to $200 million annually.

“This is great news for American cattle producers, and Secretary Sonny Perdue and the Trump Administration deserve a lot of credit for helping knock down this non-tariff trade barrier in Japan. This underscores the safety of the US beef herd, and it will hopefully send a signal to other Asian nations that non-science-based trade barriers like this one should be eliminated in their countries, as well.”

Jennifer Houston, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) president.

Source: Ag Web, 17 May 2019







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Duxton’s Agri Bits and Pieces – Vol. 426


Quote of the week

35 farms in Belgium have been affected by a strain of the bird flu virus. Together with the sector, the government is working on measures to curb the further spread of the disease.


The Federal Minister for Agriculture, Denis Ducarme, has emphasised “the virus in question is completely harmless to human health. Animals infected or showing symptoms of the virus will be slaughtered, with the poultry farmers involved being compensated.”

Source: Farming UK, 10 May 2019






Super Quail: Producing the world’s largest eating quail

A south-east Queensland poultry producer is breeding the largest eating quail in the world. But ‘super quails’ are just the beginning. There are even bigger plans to capture the Asian market and turn the 3,000-hectare property into Australia’s first ‘Protein Hub’.

These birds are not grown through hormones and antibiotics, just patience and careful selection. By selecting the larger birds and continued breeding, this farmer has effectively developed his own breed of quail. 70% of the game birds…

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