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Duxton has access to a vast portfolio of farmland based transactions around the globe. Those can be accessed via segregated portfolios or one of Duxton’s fund products depending on investor requirements and size of investment.

Most of our (semi-)institutional and family office clients ask us to tailor individual portfolios taking into consideration their preferences in geographies, crops produced, risk appetite, regulatory framework, etc. Duxton, moreover, offers a variety of ancillary structuring solutions to its clients, who would take a decision on optimized structures in terms of domicile and structure of the investment vehicle.

Segregated direct investment mandates may be:

  • Discretionary – the client relies on Duxton to take individual investment decisions within the client’s pre-set parameters
  • Non-discretionary – Duxton presents various transaction opportunities to the client, who takes a decision on the investment on a case-by-case basis

Duxton’s suite of investment funds is another avenue to gain exposure to agricultural land.

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