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The Duxton Approach

Duxton builds and manages Real Assets

Duxton builds large agricultural operations in an otherwise fragmented market. This provides unique opportunities for consolidation and operational improvement.

After due diligence by its financial and agricultural teams, Duxton acquires farms such as broadacre and dairy farms, orchards and tea estates with the scope to lift enterprise value by increasing operational efficiency through best practice farming techniques, horizontal and vertical integration and balance sheet restructuring. Duxton selects and works with the top tier farm managers with local experience and excellent track records.

Duxton – Invested on 5 continents

Duxton currently manages investments in farming operations with ~ 540,000 ha of farmland spanning 5 continents, managed by ~ 550 on-the-ground senior farmers and supported by more than 13,000 farm hands. Duxton has operating investments in countries including Australia, Argentina, India, Tanzania, Vietnam, Zambia and Laos and is currently working on live projects in Latin America, Australia, the Pacific, the Caribbean and Africa.

Duxton’s farmland assets are diversified

  • located around the world to diversify and reduce agricultural risks, such as weather and pests
  • growing a diversified range of soft commodities (crops) to reduce price risk

Strategic Direct Investments in Agriculture

Duxton offers investors exposure to physical agricultural assets providing:

  • an investment in real assets with considerable upside potential
  • a natural hedge against inflation due to adjusting soft commodity prices and land valuations
  • low correlation with traditional asset classes
  • the potential to benefit from systemic shifts in food and agriculture

Duxton’s investments are generally unleveraged and are deployed in

  • countries where clear title to land or long-term leases can be obtained
  • countries with a functioning judiciary and a clear rule of law
  • countries that do not subsidise agriculture
  • areas that are climatically suitable for agriculture long term

Duxton holds its investments to the highest SRI standards.  We are a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and we assess investments against the Compact’s Ten Principles.

A Duxton Investment in Mixed Farming

The video below showcases a Duxton managed agricultural investment in a mixed farming operation, Merriment, in the Central region of New South Wales, Australia. It is comprised of irrigated and non-irrigated farmland, totalling approximately 4,000 hectares. The farms are operated in 4 modules spread geographically across the region.

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