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The Duxton Approach

Having been investing in Vietnam since 2006, Duxton leverages on its in-depth Asian Emerging Markets experience and adopts a highly selective and detailed investment approach. We seek to deliver significant returns at the lowest possible risk exposure via rigorous deal structures.

The following highlights our key capabilities:

1.   Ability to Source for Proprietary Deal Flow: by leveraging our existing network to identify and approach suitable investee companies.

Our existing investee companies provide a wide range of investment opportunities in businesses with regional operations and exposure to the Greater Mekong Region.

We have build up strong and trusted partnerships with several intermediaries in the Greater Mekong Region and they support us in our deal sourcing.

Our Team has over 160 years of combined industry experience with many direct business relationships with top companies in the Greater Mekong Region.

2.   On-the-ground Understanding of the Greater Mekong Region

Besides a detailed top-down analysis to identify key sectors which are critical to the growth of the Greater Mekong Region’s economy, we have links to customers and businesses operating in those countries. This enables us to gain an accurate understanding of the economic drivers in each country and underlying trends.

This understanding equips us with the ability to identify the best sectors with the greatest potential for growth.

3.   Ability to Invest in Dominant Players in Each Sector

Through our in-depth knowledge of each country, we are able to identify companies which have a dominant position or potential to become a dominant player in its sector.

Our existing investments are in companies which are usually within the top 3-5 in market share in their particular sector. This has been validated by the large amount of M&A interest these companies have received from regional and multi-national companies.

These companies typically could provide an attractive risk-return profile of an IRR in excess of 20% with a clear exit strategy within 3 to 5 years. Our investments are done at attractive valuations based on extensive bottom-up fundamental analysis and detailed due diligence.

4.  Superior Deal Structuring Capabilities

Given the higher risk exposure for investments in Emerging Markets, our investments are anchored by a transaction structure which seeks to align the interests of the company’s management to the shareholders, mitigate downside risks, enhance SRI standards and allow active board participation in the company.

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